Episode 008 The Human Computer PLUS Fran Gardiner

May 16, 2010

Matt discusses Will Adamsdale's transformation into The Human Computer at Battersea Arts Centre with Stage Manager and Plus One Podcast alumna Fran Gardiner.

Book here: http://thehumancomputer.willadamsdale.com/future.html

Read Matt’s review of The Human Computer here: http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/humancomp-rev.htm

Promo image by Sheila Burnett


Episode 007 Stella PLUS Richard Stratton

March 25, 2010

Matt discusses Firehouse Creative Productions' radical new adaptation of Goethe's Stella at the Southwark Playhouse with writer and performer Richard 'Strat' Stratton.

Book here: http://oscar01.savoysystems.co.uk/SouthwarkPlayhouse.dll/TSelectItems.waSelectItemsPrompt.TcsWebMenuItem_2048.TcsWebTab_12440.BaseDate_20100201.SelectedDate_20100323.NumDays_31

Visit the Sans Walk Project here: http://www.sanswalkproject.co.uk/

Read Matt’s review of Stella here: http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/stella-rev.htm


Episode 006 Sunflower House PLUS Helen Johnson

February 25, 2010

Matt discusses East German playwright Anne Rabe's Sunflower House at the Tristan Bates Theatre with Helen Johnson.

Book here: http://www.tristanbatestheatre.co.uk/Production_Details_Sunflowerhouse.asp

Read Matt's review of Sunflower House here: http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/sunflowerhouse-rev.htm

Sunflower House publicity image kindly provided by Grey Swan: http://www.greyswan.org.uk


Episode 005 Plan D PLUS Annie Casu

February 1, 2010

Matt discusses Palestinian-Irish playwright Hannah Khalil's Plan D at the Tristan Bates Theatre with lifestyle columnist Annie Casu.

Book here: http://www.tristanbatestheatre.co.uk/Production_Details_PlanD.asp

Read Annie's Weird Science column here: http://www.t5m.com/weird-science/

Read Matt's review of Plan D here: http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/pland-rev.htm

This podcast uses the following sound files from Freesound (http://www.freesound.org):

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Episode 004 The Stefan Golaszewski Plays PLUS Reda Haq

December 12, 2009

Matt discusses Stefan Golaszewski's double-bill at the Bush Theatre with aspiring digital PR Reda Haq.



Stefan Golaszewski photograph © Pete Le May


Episode 003 Jiggery Pokery PLUS Poppy Corbett

December 4, 2009

Matt discusses Amanda Lawrence in Jiggery Pokery: An Homage to Charles Hawtrey at Battersea Arts Centre, with writer-director Poppy Corbett.




Episode 002 The Joy of Politics PLUS Fran Gardiner

November 9, 2009

Matt discusses The Black Sheep in The Joy of Politics at the Warehouse Theatre Croydon, with apolitical stage manager Fran Gardiner.






Episode 001 Belt Up at Southwark Playhouse PLUS James Wilkes

November 7, 2009

Matt discusses York-based immersive theatre company Belt Up's double bill at Southwark Playhouse with one of its co-directors, James Wilkes.